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INTEG Summer 2015

Summer 2015 | Volume 1
A TEG Publication
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INTEG Summer 2015

Technology helps TEG deliver quality and innovation to our clients every day. While the facilities we design are full of innovative technologies, we also use incredible technology to plan, design and construct our projects.

Most TEG projects use computer technology to help our clients visualize a project years ahead of when they will actually walk through the spaces — such knowledge in the hands of our clients is very beneficial. High performance information helps our clients make very informed decisions about design, their own use of the building and allows them to find every opportunity to improve a project, while still on paper. If we don’t provide our clients with highly advanced visual tools and images, then we won’t have fully-informed and insightful collaboration with our clients.

Integrating technology into our planning and design process saves millions of dollars in facility costs each year, in avoiding untimely project changes, taking full advantage of every opportunity to increase a project’s efficiency and in delivering cost-effectiveness. Our clients see opportunities to re-engineer their businesses in design meetings and then implement these process revisions saving money from more-efficient operations, every day.

This edition of In TEG illustrates a few of our recent projects which integrate exceptional and even life-changing technology. The proton therapy patient module on the cover of this edition is a prime example.

This technology is the most advanced cancer treating proton therapy technology in the world. Our client, Willis-Knighton Health System commissioned TEG to design a building to house this $17,000,000 cyclotron and patient treatment module. Through innovative engineering, IBA, the Belgium company who designed the equipment, has lowered the cost of a proton therapy center from over $200,000,000 to less than $35,000,000. Such cost-effective innovation makes this technology available to many more people than ever before.

Being part of a design firm that embraces technology and uses it to help our clients to help others is very rewarding.

Technology is not just a buzzword at TEG, it is a constant focus of our practice and our service to our communities. Technology is an incredible tool. Use it to improve every aspect of your business and watch for very positive results.

Thanks to our clients for helping us do great things. We appreciate every opportunity.

R. Wayne Estopinal, AIA, ACHA, LEED AP
President – TEG


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Marketing Coordinator

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