Interior Design

Interior Design

Integrating interior design and interior architecture is essential. We create environments that nurture performance, the human spirit, and that promote healing and empower learning. We achieve these goals both for those utilizing those spaces as well as the staff serving them. Our expert team of interior designers considers image, efficiency, budget, and future maintenance when creating enduring environments.

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Provides a pleasing look that contributes to positive morale when entering the facility. Space needs to be warm and inviting to counteract the perception of sterility. Functional, comfortable design with ease of cleanability and maintenance


Provides comfort and accessibility with a pleasing appearance. Can define spaces with size, color, and arrangement. Style sets a tone and standard for the facility and speaks to how up-to-date they appear, which also would reflect on their standard for equipment. Art contributes to creating an environment where patients can feel safe promotes an atmosphere for socialization and connection to the world encourages acceptance of self-expression and interaction with others


Sets the tone for a welcoming atmosphere and alleviates the stress of finding your way through the hospital safely. The use of environmental graphics (floor patterns, arrows) can provide inherent directions. ADA compliance assures accessible information

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