Master Planning

Transforming a vision into reality begins with an implementation plan. A site and facility master plan is a flexible guide to developing a campus, a group of clinical departments, a single department, or a satellite facility. In each case, the institution benefits by professionally managing one of the most expensive assets in its arsenal, its facilities, and real estate.

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Data is an integral part of the master planning process involving context and understanding of the existing facility’s strategic goals and objectives. Planning participants, preliminary budget parameters, and communication protocols establish early exceptional collaborative procedures with multiple milestones.


Guiding the future development of a health care facility that responds to the clinical needs of the service area is the basis for a site and facility master plan. Technology innovations, competitive forces, demographic growth, and clinical process changes are the causes of growth at most medical centers.


When data and strategy are aligned, planning the future health care delivery approach can begin. TEG’s approach to concurrent space programming and concept development ensures future projects can be phased and implemented. In addition, facility planning is vital to implementing your strategic plan in the most cost-effective and clinically effective way.


We have long embraced the value of conceptualization for clients and their constituents. Understandable ideas produce engaging collaborations between clinicians and designers; that is how vision is produced. This collaborative process builds clarity, consensus, and a more thorough understanding of health care innovation, project scope, and scale.