3D Visualization + VR

Visualization builds clarity, consensus, and a more thorough understanding of project scope and scale. As a result, TEG has long-embraced the value of conceptual visualization for clients and their constituents.

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Exterior renderings are photorealistic images that show the vantage point or viewing angle of the building. These renderings give a realistic representation of what the building will look like in the proposed space, highlighting textures, colors, and materials presented in the overall design of the building.


An interior rendering consists of a scale drawing of the proposed design of the Interior space. These renderings show you the position of the structural components, furniture, textures, and appliances in a proposed area. In addition, photorealistic 3D Renderings show clients what the end product should look like to ensure brand and building continuity.


Our 3D animations are short videos that visually show the project from multiple panning angles. These angles can include the street view, north, south, east, and west views. The client can use these short videos in board presentations and even press releases to the public to engage the community and build excitement for the project.