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Volume 7: Optimizing Ambulatory and Medical Office Building Performance

2018 | Volume 07
A study of patient flows, adjacencies, and branding opportunities

Ambulatory Optimization

It is interesting to consistently hear health care staff, leadership, and media discuss how difficult health care decision-making is at all levels due to “all of the changes happening in the health care business.” The interesting element of comments like this is: health care delivery, regulations, compensation, etc. have never been static — these have been changing for centuries.

With changes in reimbursement and advances in medical and informational technology, a much higher percentage of care is now being provided in ambulatory facilities. These outpatient facilities have evolved over many years, just as inpatient facilities evolved, through disorganized growth and random allocation of facility resources

The goal of TEG Architect’s EFFICIENT DESIGN+PRODUCTIVE CARE © (ED+PC) strategies is to create optimal facilities for the delivery of patient care that positively impacts clinical outcomes, integrates care-centric information systems, improves the quality of healing environments while creating dynamic health care workplaces that lessen the career-killing effects of stressful and exhausting nursing.

This volume examines how TEG’s ED+PC can be applied to ambulatory care environments and medical office building spaces. This process is totally scalable, applies in any mix of clinical services or practice models, and allows optimization of existing facilities and new facility solutions. We trust that you will find many facility example similarities with the conditions of your campus, and discover simple improvements that can be implemented. You will quickly realize the return on your investment is enhanced when new systematic, organized, well-examined facility solutions are created for your building assets.

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